Medicine For Your Brain

Like an injection of happiness straight into the brain

I think one of the biggest hurdles in bridging the gap between genuine contentment and exercise lies all in one’s mentality. It’s how I embarked on my journey.

I was upset and in a dark place mentally. I was sick and tired of feeling…well, sick and tired. At this point in my life I had failed starting a healthier and more active lifestyle a number of times. Six years of trying and failing to be consistent.

What propelled me into taking a serious dive into physical fitness once more? Well, a number of things. One being my hypothyroidism, which my naturopath informed me would be healed through lifestyle changes targeting my diet (removing gluten and seed oils) as well as focusing on my mental, emotional and physical health daily. And the stinging pain of rejection I had just experienced from a man of interest.

I jumped into working with a personal trainer to get dedicated teaching and gym time because I just wanted to start feeling better. The money did not matter to me like it previously would have. This was going to be the investment of a lifetime for me. I told myself why I needed this.

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